Our PASSENGER model tested by SAMO ON BOARD! - Voltaway

Our PASSENGER model tested by SAMO ON BOARD!

Full test of the PASSENGER electric Fat Bike! 

Discover below the full test of our two-seater electric Fat Bike model, the Passenger! This test was carried out by Pierre Samolany, whose rider name is "Samo On Board", a world champion electric skateboarder from Normandy.

In this video, Samo takes you through the complete assembly of the PASSENGER Nightclaw model. From unpacking the box to complete assembly of the pedals, tyres and handlebars, Samo explains every step in detail using the VOLTAWAY! user manual.

Samo also reveals all the technical specifications of the PASSENGER!

➡️ SHIMANO Altius derailleur
➡️ BMX handlebars
➡️ 20-inch tyres
➡️ BAFANG motor on rear wheel 350 Watts
➡️ 4 LED headlights
➡️ Starting aid trigger

After covering more than 200 kilometres, some of them on sand and two on the electric bike, Samo is completely satisfied with his Passenger, in terms of autonomy, versatility and looks!

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➡️ https://linktr.ee/samo_esk8