Accessories for Panamax - Electric Bikes

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Optimize your cargo bike experience with the Panamax accessories collection from VOLTAWAY, tailored for our electric cargo bike model. Ensure safe and comfortable rides for your little ones with our secure child seats, transport your surfboard effortlessly with our sturdy surf racks, and enjoy added comfort with our plush cushions. Stay connected with our practical phone mounts and benefit from quick recharges with our rapid charger. Each accessory is meticulously designed to enhance the functionality and comfort of your Panamax, making every journey seamless and enjoyable.

VOLTAWAY is the ideal choice for eco-friendly mobility. We offer advanced, green transport solutions using premium components. Renowned for our innovative electric bike designs, we use quality parts like Samsung batteries and Bafang motors, ensuring reliability and durability. Since 2012, we have enhanced urban travel by blending design, quality, and performance with an outdoor lifestyle. Discover our Fatbike, Beach Cruisers, Cargo ranges, and extensive accessories!