Book a test in where you want  with our partner TRYBU - Voltaway

Book a test in where you want with our partner TRYBU

Book a test ride with our partner TRYBU

Our partner TRYBU offers you the opportunity to test our electric bikes in front of your door or at your workplace. 
TRYBU is a platform that allows you to try out a bike in real conditions, at you home or workplace.

Thanks to this collaboration, we are offering our customers and e-bike enthusiasts the unique opportunity to try out two of our models: the PASSENGER XC and the COMMUTER.
Try out our COMMUTER or PASSENGER XC models, in real conditions, on part of your route, in the company of an ambassador, who will answer all your questions.

Discover the PASSENGER XC

Named after its extended seat, the PASSENGER XC allows you to add another rider to your adventure! Its BMX-inspired look will be talked about wherever you ride it!

Discover the COMMUTER

Thanks to its innovative folding design, the Commuter is your ideal adventure partner to take with you wherever you go! Built with our 4-inch Voltaway Fatbike tyres, riding on any terrain will be a dream adventure.

The TRYBU ambassador will come to the meeting point of your choice and share his experience with you, as well as all the advantages of the electric bike. You will be able to test the electric bike on part of your daily route, and debrief with the ambassador at the end of the test.

➡️ Book a test ride on the COMMUTER now.

➡️ Book a test ride on the PASSENGER XC now.