Our PANAMAX Cargo approved by Jeff! - Voltaway

Our PANAMAX Cargo approved by Jeff!

The PANAMAX tested with 60km a day! 

⚡️ Following the purchase of his PANAMAX electric cargo bike in January 2023, Jeff, an active entrepreneur living on the Basque Coast, tells us all about the strengths of our electric cargo bike. With more than 60 km covered every day on the roads of the Basque Coast, this entrepreneur uses it for his daily commute and to get to his place of work while transporting numerous tools.

Jeff tells us all about this Cargo electric bike!
➡️ Cargo Longtail chassis
➡️ Wooden luggage racks
➡️ Foldable wooden rear platform
➡️ BAFANG 80Nm motor
➡️ Samsung battery
➡️ Tektro disc brakes

Read Jeff's review of the Panamax and, like him, go electric in 2024 with Voltaway!