How to install a surf rack on the PASSENGER and PASSENGER XC models? - Voltaway

How to install a surf rack on the PASSENGER and PASSENGER XC models?

You want to install a surf rack on your VOLTAWAY PASSENGER or PASSENGER XC e-bike?

The CSR MOPED scooter-type surf rack fits perfectly on your electric bike with a Mini Moto look.

Step 1:

You will need to remove the battery under your bike.

For the next steps you will need a 5 spanner.

Step 2:

Unscrew the front screw of the seat (don't unscrew it all the way; you just need to feel a bit of play on your saddle)

Then unscrew the two rear screws of your seat completely.

All PASSENGER & PASSENGER XC models are delivered with classic 2cm screws. In order to install the surf rack, you will need to get longer screws, 3cm long.

Step 3:

Once the rack is assembled, insert the plate under the seat, and align it with the two holes under the seat. Then replace the seat under the plate.

Step 4:

As soon as the assembly is well placed and aligned, take your 3cm screws and insert them by hand under the seat. Take your spanner to the groin to complete the fixing (don't forget to tighten the front screw of your saddle).

Step 5:

Replace the battery under the saddle.

For maximum stability, tilt the tubes of your rack slightly.

Remember that this surf rack is only suitable for surfboards up to 8 feet and your board should always be parallel to the ground to avoid any accidents.

Your rack is ready, just pedal!