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Discover our wide range of accessories for electric bikes on VOLTAWAY. Equip your electric bike with our luggage rack, phone holder, fast charger and much more for optimized comfort and safety. Explore our selection and enhance your electric bike experience today!

VOLTAWAY, the perfect choice for environmentally-friendly mobility. We provide a technical and green transport solution built with only the most premium components on the market. Our brand is considered an innovative brand of electric bikes and electric skates thanks to our designs and concepts. Our electric bikes are built with quality components, including Samsung batteries and Bafang motors. These quality components ensure the reliability and durability of our electric bikes. Since 2012, VOLTAWAY has been dedicated to elevating the urban travel experience by combining design, quality and performance with an ocean/outdoor lifestyle approach. Come and discover our Fatbike, Beach Cruisers and Cargo ranges, as well as a wide range of accessories!